About us

Amitis exclusive jewellery is not mass produced unlike the numerous online and high street jewellery. Every pendant, earring and bracelet is individually designed and different to the other similar items that we produce or those that exist in the market.

We believe that jewellery is not an essential item for the survival of man kind but it is conducive to good looks and conveyance of individuality and status of a person. We believe that satisfaction can only be achieved if the jewellery is beautifully designed and is as individual as the person who is wearing it. There are no individuals who look exactly the same or have the same characters. Even identical twins are not exact copies of each other neither in looks nor taste.

We use a different design for every piece and only produce three of each design. We do not carry large stocks of the same design since we believe in accentuating ones individuality as opposed to supplying accessories for outfits that are mass produced.

We are artists not mass producers therefore we are driven by satisfaction not profits.